Water hardness is magnezitshkalla degree of calcium and carbonates of calcium (lime) – dissolved in water. The higher the temperature of the lower solvent capacity of water is a temporary hardness. The amount of lime, which is released in tiny crystalline form during heating, is the reason for many problems in steam boilers, cooling towers and systems,
Sandblast humidity systems, dishwashers, washing machines, coffee machines, shower heads, etc. Absorbs ion exchange resins with ions of calcium and magnesium (hardness) and replacing them with sodium ions that are less problematic for water systems and not
They will create layers. Relaxing water systems can be kind Duplex (double) or Single (single). Both systems are fully automatic. The recovery period can be controlled by flow, time or strength. Whatever your water problem of industrial application, we can provide ideal and at the same time the most effective for your needs.