E.W.T. Company It specializes in water treatment for industrial, municipal, communal, hotels, buildings, homes, etc.

– Supply  Equipment.

– Design and construction of water treatment systems.

– Supply of spare parts.

– Maintenance and repairs.

– Post-sale technical support.

In cooperation with Belgian company EURAQUA (Pollet Group), we can provide and,

– European Standard certified origin and production of our products.

– Solutions with high efficiency.

– High quality equipment.

– Up to 4 years warranty.

– Support for the most optimal technical and economic in any case yours.

– Competitive prices.

– Laboratory analysis for determining the quality of your water.

As is known, water problems vary by area and type of treatment depends on the use of water trajtuar.Për therefore, what our company offers and requests is:

– Comprehensive knowledge of the subject, based on our experience that large.

– The choice between a wide range of devices depending on the case.

– Smart Solutions accordingly.

– Post-sale technical support.

– Warranty for a long time.

For each of the above items, please browse our proposal without any obligation.

Our personnel with technical and scientific experience, together with our perfect organization, are at your disposal.