Our series of filters has different dimensions and special cartridges, depending on the use. They cover every need for drinking water, filtering or its other uses.
1. Prohibition of pending cases, from 5 to 60 micron, polypropylene single-use cartridges,
ceramic-sand-stainless steel-membrane which can be washed and used for different purposes.
2. Prohibition of pending cases, chlorine, bad taste or smell of (activated carbon cartridges): These are double-action cartridges. Their outer part prevents suspended solids with maximum size 20 micron. As part of their internal carbon is active and prevents chlorine, taste, smell, etc. water. These are single use cartridges. Cartridges are based on international specifications in terms of size so they fit each filter.
3. Filters with polyphosphate salts: salts of polyphosphate can turn dissolved salts of calcium and magnesium in insoluble. In this way, they are deposited on metal surfaces and pipes, thus eliminating corrosion therefore their erosion.