UV-C rays are one of the best methods for water disinfection in nowadays, thanks to the physical principle which is based germicidal power, they act only where it is needed, thus respecting any rules on environmental protection. Ultraviolet radiation represents one of the best methods for water disinfection. UV systems are commonly used as pre-treatment of water supply considered biologically unsafe (lakes or sea water, well water, etc.). Disinfection with UV is a non-chemical method for the destruction of microorganisms by changing their genetic material, and making it impossible to reproduce. There are several advantages to using UV except in cases kurshtojm√ę and chemical treatment (such as chlorine):
1. Without the presence of toxic substances
2. There is no risk of overdose
3. No need to deposit for hazardous materials
4. No odor in the final product of treated water
5. There is a need for very little contact time
Can be applied in private wells, camps, hotels, filling bottles, aquaculture, hospitals, food, villas, restaurants, breweries, water treatment systems, laboratory water systems (aquariums), pharmaceutical, dairy, and many other applications.