Ultrafiltration is a membrane process with porous filter, pore size 0.1 allows subjects and 0:01 mikron.Papastërtite size and turbulence (including organic ones) are prohibited from pores. This system uses the system pressure should be somewhere in 2.5bar. Purified water which passes through the membranes (no exit filtering), impurities and deposited on the membrane remain. Transmembrane pressure increases until activated reverse flow cleaning and membrane purified from loads of pollutants. The result is constant and determined by a filtration rate of 90-95%.
• Reduced operating costs from the use of natural water (both surface water or well water) instead of water from the city water network.
• ultra filtered water is ideal if a system provides inverse meosmozë
• Surface waters
• Sterile Filtration
• Water for swimming pools
• Drinking water
• disinfection
• Water Recycling